Intelligent Systems Science Festival

Pioneering research at the University of Ulster’s Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC) at the Magee campus in Derry was showcased at a two-day science festival in the city, organised as part of the Intelligent Systems Summit 2013. Over two days, approximatly 10,000 visitors of all ages thronged through the science festival in "the Venue" 2013 at the former army barracks at Ebrington, the new 4.6 million centre piece arena for Derrys 2013 UK City of Culture events.

The EU FP7 funded Visualise project was in attendence at the science festival with informative demonstrations of retinal processing. Dr Dermot Kerr presented an informative multimedia presentation with interesting facts on retinal processing and outlining the aims of the Visualise project. In addition the Visualise demo included a live demonstration of the parvo- and magno-cellular visual pathways as well as a live demonstration of the iniLabs DVS artificial retina camera.

Dermot 2 sm

 Dr Dermot Kerr pictured at the Visualise demo during the Intelligent Systems Science Festival. Left: parvo/magno-cellular pathways demo, Right: facts on retinal processing demo, Not pictured: DVS camera demo.


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